Vol 10 (2020)

And so this is 10. It is certainly a detournement and, however, it is as if the palingenetic character of the incoming new decade, between promises of change and exit strategy from the pandemic still in progress, was insufficient.

We are forced to turn around like Orpheus, as if behind us a hell, after the other one just past, still contained the mirage of an ephemeral golden age, inconclusive and fatuous, yet destined to soothe the desolation of the present in the sign of a pharmakon poisonous and consoling.

10 is the director of an end and perhaps a new, better beginning. But with what fantasy? with what fantasies? Simply, in the paradoxical measure of a restored behavior, we limit ourselves to trusting in the failure of the unprecedented and greet the silhouette of an irredeemable past with a nod, while on the other side the shadow of a giant, in spite of his height, brilliant and mocking seems to respond by knocking on the empyrean, snatching that balloon from the stars and knowing that no dwarf will be able to climb onto his shoulders.

Mantichora, in the sign of 10, claims that same blase and impregnable spirit. This issue hosts, curated by Licia Buttà, Luigi Canetti and Donatella Tronca, one of the results of the research project “Choreutic Heterotopias: Dance and Performance in the Visual and Literary Culture of the Mediterranean from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages” (HECO) (HAR2017-85625-P 2018-2020) coordinated by Licia Buttà. These are some of the contributions presented on the occasion of two Workshops “Schemata, formae e rituali coreutici tra Antichità, Medioevo ed Età moderna” which took place in Tarragona (11 March 2019) and in Ravenna (10 December 2019). We are also opening a new section here, EXTRA-VAGANTES.

Ad maiora

Errata corrige: due to a typo, in the issue the year of the magazine was marked as 9. On the other hand, performatively, this error assumes the idea of a long duration of the past year. At the same time we reiterate the 10 under which this issue of the magazine is placed.

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Dario Tomasello
Luigi Canetti, Donatella Tronca
Alessandro Arcangeli, Licia Buttà
Maria Luisa Catoni
Angela Bellia
Luigi Canetti, Donatella Tronca
Eva Subias Pascual
Carla Maria Bino
Francesc Massip
Gaia Prignano
Salvatore Costanza


Paolo Pizzimento