Areale: una cartografia in divenire. Verso un'ecologia del pensiero e dello sguardo

Alessandro Bertirotti, Ugo Locatelli


The article consists of two parts where the authors reflect on the imaginary and they probe it into an mental-anthropological look (Bertirotti) and artistic-conceptual way (Locatelli). The areal term is here understood in a triple role: the ‘real’ as an area of a connexion; with the privative a indicating absence, the absence of the ‘real’; with the a indicating the motion to place, in the sense of approach to the ‘real’. The areal mapping - of which some applications re offered - is a way of thinking and sounding the world, an observation and learning process. The appearance is the surface of a field to explore: the continuous multi-directional openings produced in the areal generative approach, in the border fluctuation between the ‘real’ and the fictitious, they are an ideal habitat for innovation, both incremental and radical. The method presses for the attentional capacity of the participating-observer into a continuous cultural crossover, which is a necessary condition for the looming of a creative flow and places of experience.


change; cartography; cultural crossover; imaginary; freedom; areal methodology

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