Il ragno e il grattacielo. Lo spettacolo e la catastrofe

Pier Paolo Zampieri


The paper framework aims to be a reasoning between two media images, set in a time span covering almost half a century: Spiderman’s debut in the “cartoon” medium (1962) and what is probably the first “narrative” elaboration on 9/11 produced by the great cultural industry machine (Straczynski J. M, Romita J. JR., [December] 2001). This paper offers a genealogy of the superhero genre, and discusses the internal reasoning of a medium which, having metropolis, image and seriality as its constituents, summarizes and maybe discloses contemporary societies’ dynamics. Show and catastrophe, under this perspective, are perhaps only logical and ordinary consequences.


Spiderman; show society; 9/11; image; catastrophe; metropolis

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