La valutazione della conoscenza nell’epoca della sua producibilità digitale

Emiliano Bevilacqua, Davide Borelli


This paper aims to rethink the culture of evaluation in the light of the anthropological transformation that is affecting knowledge in the age of internet. We argue that evaluation is a reaction producing closure and disciplinary surveillance against the emerging changes in networked knowledge. The more knowledge institutions think their borders are threatened by the challenges of new forms of knowledge production and distribution, the stronger they react as to protect their artificial borders. In short, we intend to explore the relationship between the process of governamentality based on the evaluation practices, on the one side, and the new digital technologies of communication and knowledge, on the other. Disabling of the capabilities, reduction of the info-diversity and crisis of the culture of cooperation are just some of the most evident consequences of the culture of evaluation.


evaluation; collaborative science; networked knowledge; university; mediology

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