L’uomo, l’immagine, il destino (intervista a cura di V. Grassi)

Franco Ferrarotti


Imaginary in common language is opposed to “realistic” and becomes synonymous of “illusory” and “evanescent”. But it turns out that far from being evanescent, unreal, smoky, spooky, audio-visual based on the image is
prominent, even dominant. In this type of society, the young critics sociologists should raise the issue of what happened and what will be the end of critical spirit. Socratic homo sapiens switching to electronic post-human. The post-human images: the image has an autopoietic virtue, self-reproducing it, it no longer needs a creator of image and it is creature of itself. But there is the possibility of autotelic man: you'll never be dead if you have somehow lived to the full your chosen life, but the choice means surrender, surrender for the project, and the project is highly problematic compared to what will happen.


Image; audiovisual; creativity; culture; autotelic man

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