Maradona, Pelè e altre leggende. Il ruolo dei miti sportivi nelle simulazioni videoludiche calcistiche

Emiliano Chirchiano


The sports genre has historically been the most present in the world of videogames, since the first experiments like "Tennis for two", probably because simulating a gaming activity with already known boundaries is easier to understand (Bogost, 2013. Conway, 2010). Since ancient times, myth was the favorite creativeplace to elaborate individual or collective human passions. Even in videogames, the introduction of mythical protagonists makes the game boasts a charm that allows players to experience, with strong emotional involvement, the game interactivity. This article aims to discuss how football simulations use avatars of legendary players, from the present and the past, to support a certain ideal of sports culture and celebrity.


Media studies; Videogames studies; Sports simulation; Celebrities; Myth

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