Le skin turn dans les nouvelles mythologies sportives

Fabienne Laval, Bernard Andrieu, Olivier Sirost


In sixties Roland Barthes shows that sport’s event composed little mythologies. With the postmodernity images of sports collide with fan’s skin. In a sport’s universe redifined by transmedia storytelling, the ethnographic documentuary is proclamed as a new style of reporting athlete’s life. Since 1998 and the film “Les Yeux dans les bleus” inside France football players realized by Stephane Meunier and the TV Canal +, this kind of intimacy film has increase a lot. Technology and uses of image renewed sport mythology. We can see it on movie in fictionnnal flashback (Pelé, Niky Lauda, Howard Winstone), in publicity with peopleized sportsmen (Beckham, Riner, Bolt) or with the new generation of high level athletes with social media and show TV (Iverson, Shields). This way of shivering uses in sports treatment is a sign of a skin turn wich embodied myths.


Mythology; Skin; Sport’s heroes; Transmedia storytelling; Body Ecology

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7413/22818138123


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