Glory to new mankind: transferts du sujet de l’humanisme

Marianne Celka


The “Promethean shame” (Günther Anders) is propitious to understand the collective sensibility which accompanied the deliquescence of Enlightenment humanism. After two critical events over twentieth century (extermination camps and Hiroshima), we attend two main “escape way”. The first concerns the self-engineering; the second the becoming-animal as “absolute deterritorialization”. In hollow of this “imaginative tension” we can catch the new imaginary of humanity growing from modern values debris. In this article it will be question of exploring imaginary relating to these “escape way”, on the one hand the becoming-thing of humanity (for example the video game NieR Automata), on the other hand, the becoming-animal of humanity (for example the fur fandom). We propose a sociological analysis of saturation of Enlightenment humanism and ways in which it tries to persist through the absorption of non-human.


Becoming-object; becoming-animal; absolute deterritorialization; cultural products; imaginary



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