Essere umani nel XXI secolo

Isabella Corvino, Fabio D'Andrea


This essay is about the image of the Human in the XXI century. A Human that aims, in the dreams/projects of contemporary elites, at transcending itself, thus becoming purer and being absolved from some flaws/sins with which it could never come to terms. It would then be free of any limit, thanks only to its mechanical-mathematical intelligence. If this should come to pass, however, something must be left behind. Until a few years ago, it seemed that renouncing the flesh and its tangle of passions, weaknesses and emotions would be enough. Now, just as Baudrillard had foreseen, it seems that there will be no need even of the limpid intellectual talents that have been carefully selected throughout recent centuries. They abandoned their carriers to move to more fitting environments: the long chain of separations and reductions led to the predominance of only one component of the human intelligence, which got objectified in the information technologies and needs now neither parents nor servants.


Artificialism; Humanity; Imaginary; Limit; Paradigm

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