Glossari per i riflessi di Black Mirror

Mariavita Cambria


Defined as the “twilight zone of the 21st century” (Cirucci and Vaker, 2018) Black Mirror, the British anthology science fiction tv series created by Charlie Brooker, has reached the status of a sort of philosophical classic that echoes the angst of an era. Through an in-depth analysis of the volume I riflessi di Black Mirror. Glossario su immaginari, culture e media della società digitale (The Reflections of Black Mirror. A glossary of imaginaries, culture and media in the digital society) edited by Mario Tirino and Antonio Tramontana (2018), the paper sets out to investigate how the semantic nuclei of Black Mirror may be analysed in terms of a glossary confronting the existential conditions of modern technological civilization and the tuly radical challenges we face.


Glossary; Lexicon; Imaginary; Morphology; Digital Society

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