La “Terra del Fuoco”. Multiculturalismo e identità interculturali nell’Azerbaijan di Un tassista a Baku

Dariush Rahiminia


The "Land of Fire". Multiculturalism and intercultural identities in "A taxi driver in Baku". National identities are of crucial importance for understanding the development of any society and, in addition to the classic structures used to study them, the importance of using the imaginary perspective must be taken into account, since the coexistence of different structures of meaning and archetypes presents new and different interpretations hitherto underestimated. The existence of common patterns between various geographically distant cultures opens up a fascinating question as to how effectively the identity of a population is defined within precise boundaries and how much it can share or not common traits with the identity of another nation. The example analyzed in this review is the complex identity of the inhabitants of Azerbaijan, since this country has always been considered a center of confrontation between ideologies and cultures and, therefore, it is necessary to recognize the author Barbara Cassani the merit of having succeeded in presenting in the best way the social and identitary landscape of this nation, with her book "Un tassista a Baku", highlighting the multiculturality and interculturality that characterizes it.


Identity; Multiculturalism; Imaginary; Azerbaijan; Interculturalism

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