Antifemminismo online. I Men’s Rights Activists in Italia

Giovanna Vingelli


The objective of this article is to investigate the micro-politics of anti-feminist organisations – how they (re)produce their imaginary, ideologies and exclusionary agenda on the Internet; ultimately, how they are increasingly sustaining an institutional recognition. The data of the article are drawn from three main men’s rights organisations websites in Italy. I will then identify some of the typical discourse, rhetorical patterns and collective actions of MRAs: which topics are occupied and how? Which imaginary, rhetoric, linguistic images, narratives, political strategies are used? What impact on mainstream public debate can be observed? Finally, the article will point out the need of rethinking misogyny not merely as a feeling or type of behaviour, but rather a conscious political strategy – based on a pervasive discursive system - used to fuel and support authoritarian demands, populist and right-wing mobilizations.

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