L’immaginario ‘in Azione’. Le immagini della Natura nei comportamenti degli attori sociali

Angelo Zotti


The Imaginary 'in Action'. The images of Nature in the behavior of social actors. Starting from a perspective of Sociology of Action, this paper aims to develop the issue of Social Imaginary, highlighting that there are different ways to feel nature and to act with regard to it, depending on the different social mentalities (i.e. values, social norms, traditions that form a specific culture) which characterize a particular society or community, and on psycho-social dynamics that are involved in different kind of social Action. The aim of this analysis is to adequately highlight the characteristics, the structure and the practical consequences in the ordinary lifestyle of at least two different forms of Imaginary of Nature: in the first model considered, nature is perceived as an ideal space where the Subject wants to realize a concrete life project. It is a form of ‘self-representation’ of one’s social reality. In the second model considered, on the contrary, nature is perceived essentially as a physical space in which it is possible to project emotions and personal needs. We will therefore speak of imaginary as ‘self-narration’.


Social Imaginary | Social Action | perception of Nature | value-oriented action | expressive Action

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7413/22818138164


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