La natura “inavveritita”: verso prospettive immaginali di reincanto

Elena Savona


The "unnoticed nature" : towards perspectives of re-enchantement. « The most obvious, ubiquitous and important realities are often the most difficult to understand and discuss ». This is Wallace's exhortation to go beyond the egocentricity and become aware of nature, which is considered an obvious and therefore "unnoticed" entity. Nature has suffered the consequences of a way of thinking and living life which make man confused and unaware. This condition helps – in the words of Georg Simmel – the "foreigner" to see the invisible that the autochthonous does not see. But when the risk burst into the scene, it expresses the deep relationship between human being and nature, which is no longer "unnoticed". The feeling of helplessness compared to the unpredictability of phenomena forces us to reverse the course towards "neo-archaic" forms, to reach new horizons of meaning and "refocus our gaze". The aim of this paper is to analize and reflect on the re-enchanted imageries of nature in the contemporary society with a focus on the perception of risk.


Natura | Pensabilità | Inavvertito | Rischio| Reincanto

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