La metropoli ecosofica: atmosfere, percezioni, narrazioni

Fabio La Rocca


The ecosophycal metropolis: atmospheres, perceptions, narrationsThe ecosophycal metropolis is a proposition to build a perspective of a narration of our time, our contemporary lived experience in relation with the imaginary of the urban environment where we can see a hybrid dialectic in order to notice a reciprocity between nature, urbanities, technics that influence the architectural conceptions and the life styles. This is a new aesthetical paradigm that we must understand like a dynamic of social and cultural life and also like an organic mutation of the urban and social body. In the dynamic of consideration about the relation between metropolis and nature, the proposition aims to understand the ecology of urban life and sensible perception that through the ambiances effect the modalities to live in an optical to being in the world. Our focus about the ecosophycal interrogation is an epistemological and phenomenological procedure in the way to highlights the sensible forms that articulate the urban life experience illustrating some constitutive examples of architectures, modulations and also via the imaginary of narrations and urban utopian fantasies.


ecosophy | metropolis | architectures | urban environment| ambiances

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