Universo come processo. Eraclito e la crisi ambientale

Fabio D’Andrea


The Universe as a Process. Heraclitus and the Environmental Crisis. This essay fits within a series of preparatory works meant to highlight what I think should be the main traits of a new paradigm. As Modernity fades and fails, the environmental crisis is the epitome of what used to work as claimed, and no longer does. Far from being a “mere” question of low and high policies, deep misunderstandings are revealed about knowledge and, deeper still, mistaken representations of humanity’s place and role in the world. This essay will contend that a radical shift in perspective is needed to confront the challenges of the twenty-first century. The good news is that an alternative Weltanschauung already exists in Western culture – starting from Heraclitus and reaching through to Simmel – which moreover finds itself in better accord with science’s latest discoveries than the current one; the bad news is that it is unsettling and hard to handle within contemporary frames of reference and paradigmatic inertia and needs hard work and courage to be put forward.


Andersdenken | Environment | Paradigm | Processual Reality | Universe

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7413/22818138174


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