Verso una definizione di postspettatorialità: come cambia l’esperienza filmica nel postcinema.

Simona Castellano


Towards a definition of post-spectatorship: how filmic experience changes in the post-cinema era. This essay aims to reflect around Mario Tirino's book "Postspettatorialità. L’esperienza del film nell’era digitale". In the contemporary mediascape, where the media hybridize and remedy and the (networked) publics play an increasingly active role, the film experience and spectatorship have changed substantially. Mario Tirino's work enters into the merits of these changes, showing how they derive from a combination of factors that have influenced production, distribution and consumption. The merit of the author is to investigate contemporary cinema and changes in the spectatorship by resorting to consolidated theoretical approaches in the sociology of cultural processes and media sociology and to the presentation of empirical cases and analysis of products, forms and media practices, to provide a comprehensive overview and a broaden reflection on the link between the media and the imaginary and, even more specifically, between cinema and the imaginary.


Publics| Post-spectatorship| Filmic experience| Post-cinema| Mediashock

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