La pandemia nei sogni

Gian Domenico Cortellesi, Letteria G. Fassari, Laura Guido


The pandemic within dreams.

The article aims to analyse different representations of the pandemic within dreams to trace correspondences between the symbolic expressions of the oneiric language and the sociology of the imaginary. The theoretical-methodological framework of Carl G. Jung and Marie-Louise von Franz guides the articulation of the essay. The unconscious lived through the memory of dreams has the typical and strong tendency to be projected externally, hence the hypothesis that it is possible to grasp its reflections in external reality and the social world. The question to be answered concerns which shared movements are present in the unconscious of individual subjects during the current period dominated by the pandemic and which relationships can be detected between the symbolic material emerging in individual dreams and some contemporary cultural phenomena. The empirical material is drawn from a series of interdisciplinary meetings regarding patients' dreams during the pandemic.


Imaginary; Dreams;| Jung; Cultural Sociology; Pandemic

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