La sociologia a confronto con l’immaginario

Isabella Corvino


Sociology in comparison with the imaginary.

In recent years we hear more and more often about the imaginary. This term, most of the times, emerges as an ambiguous notion. Yet there is no shortage of texts by important authors suggesting how considerable the subject is. The imaginary keep on avoiding classification of a rational logic: it remains often inexplicable and therefore problematic.

The volume “The social ways of the imaginary. For a sociology of the profound "is an ambitious sociological text that does not reduce the complexity of the topic; through the various contributions of the authors highlights indeed how the variety of approaches and visions should be enhanced. Imaginary is a real, natural and continuous process that does not distract from the real. The becoming of the world can be investigated through the imaginary, by connecting the planes of the micro, meso and macro, nature and culture, the self and the other, recognizing the subtle links moving every dimension.



Imaginary; Paradigm; Rationality; Body; Emotion

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