Curare le emozioni, curare con le emozioni

Fabio D’Andrea, Bianca Rumore


Taking Care of Emotions, Taking Care with Emotions.

Emotions and care are prejudged terms in the history of western thinking. The Cartesian dualism res cogitans / res extensa (mind / body), direct successor of the ancient philosophy, is the predominant paradigm. This book is an attempt to rebuild the imaginaries of the emotional sphere and care system, giving them a new life and perspective. The philosophical theories and the empirical researches of human and social sciences will show that care is neither gender-oriented, nor only a medical issue or a private affair. 

Through an inter-disciplinary and complex approach, the different authors will propose caregiving as an inclusive cognitive paradigm, capable of overcoming instrumental rationality. The relevance of the text for Italian academy is undeniable: now emotions have a real space, no longer marginal and secondary, in the Humanities.



Emotions; Caregiving; Gender; Social Imaginary; Complexity

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