Il Don Chisciotte come paradigma ipermoderno. Confronto tra l’ingenioso hidalgo e l’immaginario di inizio XXI secolo attraverso gli scritti di Gianni Celati

Marco Innocenti


Don Quixote as a Hypermodern Paradigm. Comparison Between the Ingenioso Hidalgo and the Imaginary of the Early 20th Century Through Gianni Celati’s Writings.
In the light of Gianni Celati’s analysis of Don Quixote, this paper searches for the similarities between the novel by Cervantes and two cultural conditions of Western society: Modernity and Postmodernity. The exam of the limits of these comparisons, then, will reveal how the model of the Quijote is best suited to describe a third world-view, namely the hypermodern one. Finally, a brief look at the latest ways to approach the virtual world will suggest a fundamental change in our visual culture, while demonstrating the usefulness of Don Quixote as a hypermodern paradigm. In fact, this rupture will be made visible by showing the differences between what happens in the pages of the novel and on our everyday displays, which will be described more akin to collections of novellas


Don Quixote | Hypermodernity | Gianni Celati | Social media | Present

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