Io, Don Chisciotte di Fabrizio Monteverde: un racconto coreutico del capolavoro cervantino

Linda De Feo


Io, Don Chisciotte by Fabrizio Monteverde: a choreographic adaptation of Cervantes' masterpiece.
Object of this reflection is Io, Don Chisciotte, choreographed by Fabrizio Monteverde. The ballet is one of the most original contemporary terpsichorean versions of El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha, written by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. The choreographer exegete, thanks to the hermeneutic reworking of Cervantes’ themes, goes beyond the confines of the mere textual narration. He inscribes his own creation in the horizon outlined by the Spanish writer, who represents the overturned metaphysics, the tragic exemplarity, the all-encompassing sacredness, the achievable utopia, the relativizing truth. Monteverde is aware that the complex morality of Don Quixote must be re-functionalized through fruitful philological betrayals. He lets dialogue with Cervantes’ Weltanschauung the theoretical points of view -convergent, divergent, idiosyncratic- of the authors who have dedicated themselves to the critical examination of the masterpiece of the siglo de oro.


Narrative | Choreography | Virtuality | Actuality | Utopia

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