Don Chisciotte: la forza di gravità spirituale

Lucilla Mininno


Don Quixote: the force of spiritual gravity.
The article proposes to find the core of Cervantes’ novel in the illustration of the domination of one world over another. These two worlds are characterized for the different ways of confronting death as well as relating to the time that leads inexorably to it, as can be seen in Orson Welles’ cinematographic adaptation.
Don Quixote therefore is stated as being the incarnation of the force of spiritual gravity that moves the human being from its original wound: the propulsive melancholy of Don Quixote is (re)connected to the underlying condition of suffering that, from Heidegger to Abruzzese, up to Bovalino and Han, is a consequence of the human fragility to the inevitability of death. Assuming and admitting the original wound and the suffering connected to it could therefore today, in the electric era of the Network, be the only possibility of cum-essere.


Mondi | Esperienza | Ferita originaria | Gravità | Welles

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