La Katastrophé del Capitalismo. Da Black Mirror a Squid Game: la religione capitalista alla “fine dei giochi”

Guerino Nuccio Bovalino


The Katastrophé of Capitalism. From Black Mirror to Squid Game: the capitalist religion at “the end of the games”.
The essay is a reflection on the concept of the "end of games", that is, on the transition to an unprecedented form of digital capitalism based on the control and depotentiation of the original libertarian effervescence of digital languages. To support this thesis, we have analyzed Black Mirror and Squid GameBlack Mirror recounts the ambiguous role of digital technologies in human existence; Squid Game represents its continuation: the protagonists even become pawns in a game that is a perfect representation of capitalism. Squid Game is the metaphor of the overthrow, of the catastrophe, of capitalism. It has ceased to camouflage itself through the splendor of goods and consumption and manifests itself unbridled in its primordial violence. The Korean series embodies the essence of the current post-capitalism: it is declined as pain and apocalyptic vision of a new era from which the dimension of desire and enjoyment have been eradicated.


Capitalism | Game | Katastrophé | Religion | Net

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