Le vie della spiritualità. I nuovi immaginari del sacro nell’Italia contemporanea

Stefania Palmisano, Nicola Pannofino


The Ways of Spirituality. The New Imaginaries of the Sacred in Contemporary Italy.
This article proposes a synthesis of the results of an ethnographic research aimed at reconstructing the variegated field of contemporary spirituality in the Italian context. Although characterised by a still strong presence of Catholic religious culture, Italy is witnessing the emergence of new forms of spirituality that trace alternative paths in the search for the sacred with respect to the traditional ones.
The data collected make it possible to distinguish three main spiritual currents, characterised by peculiar imaginaries related to the themes of nature, well-being and mystery. These themes constitute channels through which the new spiritualities acquire visibility on the public scene, establishing relations, of convergence of convergence, with the broader secular society.




Spiritualità; Religione; Sacro/secolare; Natura; Benessere

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7413/228181381927


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