Maria C. Quattropani, Pina Filippello


The world has changed a lot from the time when our first JCDP inauguration editorial was printed. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has increase globally and very quickly. The psychological practice itself has changed. The JCDP was founded three years ago, with the aim of creating a bridge between practitioners and researchers, the same ones who had to radically change their working methods both in clinical practice and in research. From 2020 the psychological studies have crucial centered their attention on psychological effects of pandemic and its consequences related to restriction, limitations and fear. Most of the research was conducted through online surveys and with cross sectional design.
May be inadequately prepared to cope this unprecedent experience, the clinical psychologists have to provide their professional services digital devices to warranty the maintenance of previously therapeutic managements and to guarantee their help for disorders associated to pandemic and lockdown. The challenge was represented by the necessary changes to which the psychologists had to adapt: changes in the setting, in the modality of intervention and in the relational space.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.13129/2612-4033/0110-3184


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