Editorial 4 (2,3)

Carmela Mento


The purpose of this JCDP number 4 (2,3), offers an overview of developmental, clinical and research work in different settings, examining psychological and interpersonal variables that can promote cognitive and social skills through new methods, including in educational and academic training contexts. The number is also enriched by a clinical section through an in-depth study of neurodevelopment and topics with psychopathological connotations, such as social anxiety and the avoidant personality, with a nod to therapeutic modalities with particular attention to the phases of life. The studies, proposed below, deal with different perspectives of treatment in the life cycle, for treatment and research purposes, also focused on the caregivers' experiences in the patient-caregiver dynamic, using an evolutionary approach over the life span, which allow a reflection on a preventive- well-being promotion and treatment approach.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.13129/2612-4033/0110-3585


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