Commentary: A Contagious Other? Exploring the Public’s Appraisals of Contact with “Mental Illness”

Salvatore Settineri, Emanuele Maria Merlo


First of all, we would like to thank Walsh & Foster (2020) for their intent to consider the prejudice (stigma) towards psychopathologies, which remain meritorious on the plane of social and human commitment. The introduction underlined how at the basis of the stigma there are figures such as contamination, fear and disgust understood as the removal of an object that is considered dangerous.  The historical perspective, bringing British tradition to the wider Western European history, falls within the current style, even if the monumental work of Foucault (1961) was not mentioned. The reference is to the habit of considering only the most recent literal contributions, always overlooking classical fundamental papers, which were viewed as obsolete. 


Clinical Psychology; Contagion; Disgust; Mental illness; Pandemic.

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