Psychological impact and patient perception of occlusion and orthodontic treatment in periodontitis patients

Simona Santonocito, Vincenzo Ronsivalle, Grazia Fichera, Francesco Indelicato


Background: This study analyzed, in patients with periodontitis, the impact of the degree of self-perceived malocclusion, the experienced negative psychosocial impact of periodontitis, and the history and timing of orthodontic treatment.

Methods: For the study were enrolled 54 patients undergoing a routine dental health visit. They answered the Negative Impact of Dental Aesthetics Scale (NIDAS), the Perception of Occlusion Scale (POS). Moreover, undergoes to the Approximal Plaque Index (API), the Gingival Bleeding Index (GBI), and the number of decayed teeth (DT) and missing teeth (MT). All data were analyzed using different statistical procedures.

Results: The subjects ranging within the upper POS quartile scored higher on the GBI (contrast: P= 0.037) and DT (P= 0.028) than did those in the lower POS quartiles. Different to the patients who had minor negative impacts in the NIDAS, those with strong impacts had higher scores on the API (P<005). Compared to patients without previous orthodontic treatment, those with a history of orthodontic treatment lasting 24 months had a lower API (P <0.05), GBI and DT (each P = 0.008) scores.

Conclusion: The present results suggest that self-perceived dental irregularity and the negative impact of periodontitis might affect oral health, whereas previous extensive orthodontic treatment may have favourable effects by improving dental health compliance.


Periodontitis; Orthodontic treatment; Quality of life questionnaire; Clinical trial.

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