Burnout in training health professionals: on the importance of considering the “cost of care”

Salvatore Settineri, Emanuele Maria Merlo


The success of Freudenberger's term burnout (1974), initially used for a clinical picture of air traffic controllers, can have different interpretations. On the one hand, the context in which it was introduced is emphasised with reference to the automation of work linked to the evolution of technology (Berg-Beckhoff et al., 2017; McInerney et al., 2012; Olaude et al., 2013; Ten Hoeven et al., 2016), today representing an opportunity for clinical practice and disease management (Cilli et al., 2022). On the other hand, it can be understood in the light of predisposing personological characteristics, particular traits prior to the phenomenon, as in the case of trait anxiety, psychological health, behaviours related to abuse (Louwen et al., 2023; Merlo et al., 2013, 2020a, 2020b; Yang & Hayes, 2020).

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