Childhood obesity treatment and prevention. Psychological perspectives of clinical approaches

Maria Catena Quattropani, Teresa Buccheri


Objective: This work focuses on clinical psychologist’ presence within childhood obesity prevention programmes in several countries. Method: The Authors collected articles considering psychological, biological and social aspects linked to childhood obesity. Results: Studies reveal that childhood obesity prevention programmes are based on biological, medical and educational aspects; clinical psychologists up until now have been engaged almost exclusively in the treatment of obesity. Conclusions: There is a clear need to consider psychological aspects (emotional, cognitive and relational) related to the childhood obesity’s causes and involve psychologists in its prevention projects. Keywords: childhood obesity, overweight, multidisciplinary approach, clinical psychology, prevention, treatment


Childhood obesity; multidisciplinary approach; clinical psychology; prevention; treatment

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Booth, M.L., Chey, T., Wake, M., Norton, K., Hesketh, K., Dollman, J. & Robertson, I. (2003). Change in prevalence of overweight and obesity among young Australians, 1969-1997. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 77(1), 29-36



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