Temperament and Generativity during the life span

Amelia Rizzo


Abstract This review aimed to collect and discuss a variety of studies that utilized the Temperament and Chatacter Inventory (TCI), an instrument developed by Cloninger in 1993, based on his psychobiological model of temperament and character. Searching on PubMed, 26 from 828 researches has been selected on the basis of four criteria: (a) articles published in English between 1993 and 2013 and identified as empirical or longitudinal studies; (b) reaserches conducted in non pathological sample; (c) measuring temperamental traits or dimensions with the TCI; (d) regarding relevant topics to generativity. Implication for Temperament and character of couples and about the transmission of temperament from parents to children are pointed out. In conlcusion it can be said that TCI is a valid instrument that can describe and predict couples relationship and child temperament and character, until the late adulthood.


Temperament; TCI; Generativity

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.6092/2282-1619/2013.1.892


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