A proposito della nuova edizione di un libro di Donato Jaja

Francesca Rizzo


Jaja’s book Sentire e Pensare has been re-edited recently by Amedeo Roncato (Orthotes, Napoli 2018). This new excellent edition gives us the opportunity to reflect upon two peculiar sides of Jaja’s philosophical stance: the dispute against positivism and the project to reshape Kantism. In this paper will be tried to take them in account as a unique move, in order to determine the role the Italian philosophy could have played within the great European debate on Kant between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Parole chiave

Jaja; Kant; Positivism; Idealism; Italian philosophy.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.6092/2532-6864/2018.1-2.125-130


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