Plane-wave Expansion of the Electromagnetic Green-Function for Translating Sources Inside a Rectangular Wave-guide with Dissipative Walls

Peter De Cupis, Giorgio Gerosa


The radiation by an electromagnetic source that uniformly translates within a rectangular
wave-guide with dissipative walls is studied. Lorentz covariance transformations are applied
to the Plane-Wave (PW) spectrum representing the radiated field in the source rest frame;
in such reference frame the boundary appears as backwardly shifting: this is treated by a
relativistic modification of Snell and Fresnel rules, which match on the confining walls
any impinging PW component with its own reflected 'twin'. Moreover, PW representation
minimizes the algebraic cumbersomeness of covariance relations, which can be recast
as alteration formulas for PW parameters.

[DOI: 10.1685 / CSC06064] About DOI

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