A Fast Marching Method for Pursuit-Evasion Games

Emiliano Cristiani, Maurizio Falcone


Fast Marching (FM) Methods were introduced by J. A. Sethian in 1996 to solve the eikonal equation on with Dirichlet boundary conditions in the case that does not change sign. Since then some improvements have been proposed in order to extend the FM technique to more generale equations. The main assumptions for these methods is the convexity of the Hamiltonian . We present an extension of the FM method based on a semi-Lagrangian discretization to (non-convex) minmax Hamiltonians which appear in pursuit-evasion games and an extension of FM method for the eikonal equation to the case that changes sign and it is time-dependent.

[DOI: 10.1685 / CSC06059] About DOI

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