Gröbner Bases in Economy

Marilena Crupi


The theory of Gröbner bases is a general method by which many foundamental problems in varius branches of mathematics and engineering can be solved by structural algorithms. The applications of Gröbner bases to integer programming has its origin in [2]. We analyse some special integer programming problems by computing Gröbner bases via graph theory.


[1] W.W.Adams, P. Loustanau, An introduction to Gröbner bases, GSM, AMS, Vol. 3

[2] P. Conti, C.Traverso, “Buchberger algorithm and integer programming”, Proceedings AAECC-9 539, Lectures Notes in Comp.Sci., (1991), 130-139.

[DOI: 10.1685 / CSC06060] About DOI

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