A Thermodynamical Model of Inhomogeneous Superfluid Turbulence

Maria Stella Mongiovì, David Jou


In this paper we perform a thermodynamical derivation of a nonlinear hydrodynamical model of inhomogeneous superfluid turbulence. The theory chooses as fundamental fields the density, the velocity, the energy density, the heat flux and the averaged vortex line length per unit volume. The restrictions on the constitutive quantities are derived from the entropy principle, using the Liu method of Lagrange multipliers. The mathematical and physical consequences deduced by the theory are analyzed both in the linear and in the nonlinear regime. Field equations are written and the wave propagation is studied with the aim to describe the mutual interactions between the second sound and the vortex tangle.

[DOI: 10.1685 / CSC06117] About DOI

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