Model Order Reduction for Dynamic Electro-Thermal Simulation of Microsystems

Tamara Bechtold, Evgenii B. Rudnyi


The modeling of electro-thermal processes, for example Joule heating,
is becoming increasingly important in MEMS development.
As the spatial discretisation of the temperature field results in large
ODE systems (100,000 equations is an engineering standard),
the reduction of the problem size is the first
milestone of efficient MEMS modeling and system-level simulation.
We present the application of mathematical model order reduction (MOR)
methods (preferably Arnoldi algorithm) to the automatic generation of
accurate dynamic compact thermal models of electro-thermal microsystems.
The reduced order models can be formally converted into Hardware
Description Language form and directly used in system-level simulation.

[DOI: 10.1685/CSC06018] About DOI

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