Steady States Analysis and Exponential Stability of an Extensible Thermoelastic System

Ivana Bochicchio, Claudio Giorgi, Elena Vuk


In this work we consider a nonlinear model for the vibrations of a thermoelastic beam with fixed ends resting on an elastic foundation. The behavior of the related dissipative system accounts for both the midplane stretching of the beam and the Fourier heat conduction. The nonlinear term enters the motion equation, only, while the dissipation is entirely contributed by the heat equation. Under stationary axial load and uniform external temperature the problem uncouples and the bending equilibria of the beam satisfy a semilinear equation. For a general axial load p, the existence of a finite/infinite set of steady states is proved and buckling occurrence is discussed. Finally, long-term dynamics of solutions and exponential stability of the straight position are scrutinized.

[DOI: 10.1685/CSC09232] About DOI


thermoelastic system; hinged beam; steady state solutions; nonlinear buckling; exponential stability

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