Active Infrared Thermography in Nondestructive Evaluation (2): Detectionof Hidden Damages from Real Data

Paolo Bison, Maurizio Ceseri, Dario Fasino, Gabriele Inglese


Suppose that is a thin conducting plate whose top side is not accessible and
stays in contact with an aggressive environment. In this context, possible damages on the top
side of are produced with no chances of direct fast detection. Anyhow, we are able to
control a periodical heat flux and to collect a sequence of temperature maps working on the
bottom side (accessible). In this paper we test a stable numerical algorithm for detecting and
evaluating such damages on the inaccessible side of . Our algorithm is based on the
regularized solution of a family of inverse problems for Helmoltz equation.

[DOI: 10.1685/CSC06021] About DOI

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