Optimal Trajectories of Anti-Satellite Missiles

Mauro Pontani, Bruce A. Conway


In the last decades a number of countries have shown interest towards anti-satellite
systems for strategic military purposes. In general, anti-satellite weapons are employed
to intercept and destroy adversary or malfunctioning satellites. This study is concerned
with the determination of the optimal, i.e. minimum{time trajectories leading to the in-
terception of low Earth satellites by a ground{launched interceptor, which is represented
by a two{stage rocket. The target satellite is assumed to be placed in a repeating ground
track orbit, so the performance of the anti-satellite interceptor can be evaluated over
the period of repetition of the repeating orbit. This paper addresses the additional opti-
mization problem of determining the geographical regions where the launch site can be
located so that interception can occur in a speci¯ed time. The numerical solutions are
derived through the use of a direct optimization method, termed \direct collocation with
nonlinear programming".

[DOI: 10.1685/CSC09265] About DOI


Trajectory optimization, anti-satellite systems.

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