Liquid Penetrant Testing: Industrial Process

Riccardo Fazio, Gennaro Caturano, Giovanni Cavaccini, Antonio Ciliberto, Vittoria Pianese


Non-destructive inspection is an area of great interest and importance for the aviation industry.
These kind of controls are routinely applied in various phases of design, development and production of manufactured. The present paper describes the whole process of inspection with liquid penetrant and the methodology adopted by Alenia for quality control of this process.
Among the various methods of non-destructive testing, liquid penetrant is mainly applicable to metallic materials and detects discontinuities of size greater than 0.01 mm, provided that they are open on the surface. Due to broad typology of defects found and materials tested by this method, it is difficult to define an unique class of optimal parameters that describe the process. In this work we report an analysis of the different diagnostic target, according to the process parameters.
Finally, we discuss the modeling activities developed within the last years.

[DOI: 10.1685/CSC09319] About DOI


Liquid penetrant testing, industrial process, mathematical modeling

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