The Application of a Boundary Integral Equation Solution Method inParameter Extraction for Time-Domain Transmission Line Simulation

Federico Delfino, Renato Procopio, Mansueto Rossi


A large variety of problems in the field of electro-magnetic compatibility can be
reduced to the evaluation of the response of a line to an external EM field. This
problem is mainly faced via the transmission line approximation, but the simplicity
of this model is counterbalanced by its simplifying (and, in several cases, quite rude) assumptions.
In this paper, a suitable procedure to export results obtained with an efficient frequency domain
method to a time domain simulator is developed; this capability is mandatory for real world applications,
since accurate representations of the devices connected to the line, often containing nonlinearities,
exist only in time domain.

[DOI: 10.1685/CSC06066] About DOI

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