Advances in Modelling Methods for Lava Flows Simulation

A. Ciraudo, Ciro Del Negro, Alexis Herault, Annamaria Vicari


Lava flows represent a problem particularly challenging for physically based modeling because
the mechanical and thermal features of lava change over time. We developed a model for lava flow
simulations based on Cellular Automata, called MAGFLOW. A steady state solution of Navier Stokes
equation in the case of Bingham fluid was taken into account as evolution function of CA.
For the cooling mechanism, we consider the radiative heat loss only from the surface of the flow,
and the change of the temperature due to mixture of lavas between different cells.
The achievements related to simulate the path of lava flow outpoured during some eruptions
of Etna volcano are shown.

[DOI: 10.1685/CSC06067] About DOI

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