Modeling of Potential Fields by using Finite Element Method: The Etna Case Study

Gaetana Ganci, Gilda Currenti, Ciro Del Negro, Luigi Fortuna


The modifications of the stress field within the Mt. Etna volcanic edifice induce changes in several geophysical parameters. During ascent, magma interacts with surroundings rocks and fluids, so crustal deformations and potential fields variations are produced. Analytical solutions for modeling these effects are based on a homogeneous half-space model, although geological data and seismic tomography indicate that the Mt. Etna is elastically heterogeneous and that rigidity layering affects the observed signals. We use the finite-element method to provide more realistic models, which allows considering topographic effects as well as complicated distribution of medium properties.

[DOI: 10.1685/CSC06086] About DOI

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