Food Packaging Optimization by Means of Integrated CAD/CAE and Statistical Techniques

Mario Antonio Francese, Domenico Livio Francese


Packaging innovation, finalized to configure food in terms of product/service, is crucial in satisfying consumers' needs: pleasure, convenience, health.
Furthermore time reduction between the R&D activity and the industrial exploitation of the results becomes more and more strategically important.
The development in short times of “Steam Pack”, winner of the Oscar dell'Imballaggio 2005 and of a World Star Packaging Award 2005, was possible thanks to integrated CAD/CAE and statistical techniques.
The study focused on the optimization been of the geometry of the membrane spring, the geometry of the steam vent and the thickness of the bowl walls through a DOE of FEM analyses.

[DOI: 10.1685/CSC06083] About DOI

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