DWT-based Method for Partial Discharge Pattern Recognition

A. Abate, G. Ala, R. Candela, P. Romano


The new proposed method of pattern recognition is based on the application of Multiresolution Signal Decomposition (MSD) technique of wavelet transform. This technique has shown interesting properties in capturing the embedded horizontal, vertical and diagonal variations within an image obtained from the PD pattern in a separable form. This feature has been exploited to identify in the PD pattern’s MSD, relative at various family of PD sources, some detail images typical of a single discharge phenomenon. The classification of a generic PD phenomenon is feasible through a comparison between its detail images and the detail images typical of a single discharge phenomenon. Tests have been performed on specimens having single defects. The obtained results prove that the proposed improved classification methods is quite efficient and accurate.

[DOI: 10.1685 / CSC06133] About DOI

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