Modeling Horizontal Coastal Flow Mixing: Assessing the Role of Viscous Contributions

Giovanna Grosso, Alessandra Piattella, Maurizio Brocchini


Horizontal mixing of shallow coastal flows is studied with a specific focus on
the role played by large-scale horizontal eddies (macrovortices). Description of
macrovortex-induced mixing is given on the basis of numerical solutions of the Nonlinear
Shallow Water Equation (NSWE) and sensitivity of the results on viscous-type dissipation
is analyzed. Such analysis is the first step to determine a suitable framework for Horizontal
Large Eddy Simulations (HLES) computations of coastal flows performed by means of
depth-averaged NSWE. Statistics of mixing, rather than inspection of the velocity spectra,
are used to assess the value of the chosen viscous closure.

[DOI: 10.1685 / CSC06092] About DOI

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