Count Freducci's Nautical Charts, Papal Cartography, and Trasmission: A Reply to Article by Chet Van Duzer (2017)

Patrizia Licini de Romagnoli


The comment on my paper concerning Conte di 'Ottomano' Freducci by Professor Chet Van Duzer is welcome for a number of reasons. Chet Van Duzer, in his BLJ article, 'Nautical Charts, Texts, and Transmission: The Case of Conte di OttomanoFreducci and Fra Mauro' (pp. 1-4), points out the inherent biases one encounters in interpreting descriptive legends on non-traditional nautical charts, and he reiterates a point I made: namely, that the recondite nature of some of the new information that nautical charts by Count Freducci include are of particular interest to shed light on the process of commissioning and creating nautical charts in Medieval and Renaissance Italy

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