Comedere in laetitia: quasi un’elegia sulla crisi della famiglia

Francesco Mercadante


A legacy to my city. Equality is not “written on the stars”; inequality is a destiny due to a distortion of the original man’s relationship to man. Even the couple relationship between man and woman surrendered to this distortion. But this junction between two subjects of different sex, which is not a mere communion of goods, is precisely the trial by fire of equality: it is a conjunctum of life with life. Apparently, the sex is a rock which both divides man and woman and opposes them each other, yet their unity just arises from this opposition; matrimony and offspring owe their birth to this mutual belonging compact, respectful of rights and liberties which make both parties equal in getting at the dinner table together with their children to comedere in laetitia. The equality may be the cost of the birth-rate zero which the new millennium seems to prefer. Statistics record that more than two generations have suffered restrictions to their right of working which are not only material but also moral. A new season of slavery is now opening.

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Legacy; People of the minors; Equalty; Conjunctum of life with life; Capograssi

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